Raynaud’s Phenomenon: What Is It and Should You be Concerned?

Last week it was chilly in New York City.  Typical of January, it was dark when I left my office and temperatures were hovering around freezing.  I had unwisely worn a pair of AllBird flats to drive to and from my office (I have never masted driving in heels comfortably).  By the time I gotContinue reading “Raynaud’s Phenomenon: What Is It and Should You be Concerned?”

Your Thyroid During the Postpartum Period

The 12 months after giving birth can feel like a roller coaster under the best circumstances.  Sleep deprivation and fluctuating hormones combined with the stress of adding a newborn to the household leave new mothers and veterans alike feeling elated one moment and tearful and anxious the next.  In the midst of all this fluctuatingContinue reading “Your Thyroid During the Postpartum Period”