6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

My patients who have weathered pandemic life with the healthiest outcomes are those who used to travel frequently, either for work or for pleasure.  Since travel suddenly disappeared just over a year ago, these patients have been at home eating healthier food, exercising and avoiding the stress of jetlag.  Now that many of us areContinue reading “6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road”

Exercise, Physical Activity and Weight

Many of my patients are struggling with weight gain in this year of covid restrictions.  Yet, many have also found time to exercise regularly for the first time.  At first glance this seems paradoxical.  But, when we look at exercise and physical activity and their effects on weight it all makes a lot more sense.Continue reading “Exercise, Physical Activity and Weight”

Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging

I originally planned to call this post something else and to organize it differently, but as I began to think about my advice for mitigating the changes of aging the advice was the same again and again.   Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging. When we consider what it means to age well, we areContinue reading “Exercise is the Key to Healthy Aging”