What I Fed My Family This Week

One of the best ways to improve your health is to prepare your own meals.  When I mention this to patients I get lots of questions, but the first one is always: Do you cook? The answer: Yes, I do!  The next question is always: What do you cook? Today I invite you to aContinue reading “What I Fed My Family This Week”

Just Eat Less, and Other Myths About Managing your Weight after 40

I have some version of the same conversation nearly every day, sometimes more than once a day.  A friend, a colleague or a patient in her 40s or 50s mentions that she weighs more than she ever has in her life.  She points out that she weighed less when she was pregnant.  Paradoxically, she isContinue reading “Just Eat Less, and Other Myths About Managing your Weight after 40”

Welcome to The Endocrinologist Is In

Welcome to this new endeavor!  I am so excited you are here.  In the coming weeks and months I am hoping to address many of the ways that our hormones affect our daily lives.  We will talk thyroids, periods, menopause, conception and more.  We will discuss hormones in the news and I will do myContinue reading “Welcome to The Endocrinologist Is In”