6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road

My patients who have weathered pandemic life with the healthiest outcomes are those who used to travel frequently, either for work or for pleasure.  Since travel suddenly disappeared just over a year ago, these patients have been at home eating healthier food, exercising and avoiding the stress of jetlag.  Now that many of us areContinue reading “6 Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle on the Road”

Is It Low Blood Sugar?

Many of us have had that feeling of feeling tired, shaky or even anxious that people often identify as low blood sugar. But is that feeling really related to blood sugar? Do healthy people really get low blood sugars?  And are we all even talking about the same thing? First, a caveat: People taking insulinContinue reading “Is It Low Blood Sugar?”

Exercise, Physical Activity and Weight

Many of my patients are struggling with weight gain in this year of covid restrictions.  Yet, many have also found time to exercise regularly for the first time.  At first glance this seems paradoxical.  But, when we look at exercise and physical activity and their effects on weight it all makes a lot more sense.Continue reading “Exercise, Physical Activity and Weight”

Raynaud’s Phenomenon: What Is It and Should You be Concerned?

Last week it was chilly in New York City.  Typical of January, it was dark when I left my office and temperatures were hovering around freezing.  I had unwisely worn a pair of AllBird flats to drive to and from my office (I have never masted driving in heels comfortably).  By the time I gotContinue reading “Raynaud’s Phenomenon: What Is It and Should You be Concerned?”

My Favorite Resources for Covid-19 Information

So this is not really related to endocrinology, but my week has been dominated by people asking me for advice on Covid-19.  I am not a virologist or an epidemiologist, but I am a pretty sophisticated consumer of medical information and I have some trusted resources that I go to for my Covid info.  IContinue reading “My Favorite Resources for Covid-19 Information”

What are Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Should You Be Concerned About Them?

Many of us have made the resolution in recent years to cut back on our consumption of single use plastics.  And just last night I spent 20 minutes explaining to my 7 year-old son why he couldn’t buy a third plastic lightsaber.  There are many motivations for these decisions based in both the environmental andContinue reading “What are Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Should You Be Concerned About Them?”

My 2020 In Review (An open letter)

Dear Readers, Author Tiffany Dufu speaks about sharing her accomplishments once or twice a year with her “Cru,” the group of women who have supported and mentored her over the years.  In that spirit, today I am taking a break from the usual content here at The Endocrinologist Is In to share what this crazyContinue reading “My 2020 In Review (An open letter)”

Setting Realistic Health Goals for 2021

It is the season when many of us are thinking about the year ahead.  If 2020 taught us anything it is that we don’t know what is coming (more on that later this week). But many of us set goals related to our health, fitness or weight.   So today we are talking about settingContinue reading “Setting Realistic Health Goals for 2021”

Staying On Track During the Holidays

All of us, whether we are trying to lose weight or trying to maintain our current weight, face the challenge of staying on track during the holidays.  Even in this unusual 2020 holiday season, there are plenty of distractions and temptations.   How can we enjoy the holidays without losing ground? Today I am sharing aContinue reading “Staying On Track During the Holidays”

The Challenge and Trauma of Hair Loss

One of the most challenging symptoms I deal with in my practice is female hair loss.  It is also one of the most common symptoms women report to me.  It is challenging for myriad reasons, not the least of which, is how emotional it is for so many women to watch their hair fall out,Continue reading “The Challenge and Trauma of Hair Loss”