Welcome to The Endocrinologist Is In

Welcome to this new endeavor!  I am so excited you are here.  In the coming weeks and months I am hoping to address many of the ways that our hormones affect our daily lives.  We will talk thyroids, periods, menopause, conception and more.  We will discuss hormones in the news and I will do my best to answer your questions in simple jargon-free language.

I am Dr. Gillian Goddard and I am a Board Certified Endocrinologist with more than ten years of experience taking care of patients.  My day job is in a private practice in New York City, where I consult with patients dealing with issues related to all types of hormonal imbalances.  

I chose to practice Endocrinology because I find our hormones fascinating and most often there are lifestyle changes and medications that can help my patients.  From underactive thyroids, to irregular periods, diabetes, fatigue, and weight gain, I do my best to help my patients feel their best.

After-hours, I spend time with my husband and four children, exploring our local parks, cooking, listening to music, reading books and playing classic board games.  Sometimes I will share what I am feeding my family during a particular week, or how I discuss health issues with my kids.

I was inspired to start this site because so often in my daily life I speak to friends, family and acquaintances who have questions about hormones–some they didn’t even know were hormone related.  So often, they are unsure where to look for reliable information.  They may have forgotten to ask their doctor or be waiting to see a specialist, and losing sleep in the meantime.  

A blog is no substitute for a visit with your doctor, but hopefully this one will point you in the right direction, help you ask the right questions to get you on the road to feeling great, and ease your mind.  

I want The Endocrinologist Is In to serve as a resource and to that end, I welcome your thoughts, ideas and questions.  Please contact me via email or social media.  And thank you for being here.  I am so looking forward to our conversation!

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